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Ultra High Performance

Tires designed for the worlds finest automobiles, with high speed ratings up to 186 mph, low profile aspect ratios and rim diameters up to 24", these tires connect the car and suspension to the ground as well as compliment modern electronic safety systems such as ABS brakes and active handling.

High Performance

Aggressive Tire performance designed to upgrade the handling characteristics of performance sedans, muscle cars and sport compact cars, with larger tread blocks, stiffer construction and aggressive sizing to let the driver control the road.


Tires designed for good value and spirited driving in spring, summer and fall conditions, well suited to today's modern sports sedans and the tires aggressive tread design and sidewall treatment.

Performance Winter

Designed for sports cars, sports sedans and wagons, front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or all wheel drive, with high speed capability up to 149mph, this tire category is designed to grip the ground in inclement weather conditions and provide driving confidence in snow, ice and slush.

Competition DOT

Designed for the track competitor needing a tire with maximum grip, DOT approval, to maximize the capabilities of the engine, brakes and suspension through a sticky rubber compound and maximum contact patch.